Yaskawa launches new PL190 and PL320 palletizing robots


The new Yaskawa PL190 and PL320 robots expand the payload range of the PL mobile product line | Image credit – Yaskawa

Yaskawa announces the availability of two new 4-axis palletizing robots that extend the range of payloads for the Yaskawa PL (palletizing) product line. The Yaskawa PL190 has a 190 kg payload capacity and the Yaskawa PL320 has a 320 kg payload capacity. All of the other technical specifications and dimensions of the PL190 and PL320 robot are identical. Both robots join the current Yaskawa PL500 (500 kg payload) robot in the PL product line.

The Yaskawa PL robots are designed exclusively for palletizing. All three robots are engineered for fast speeds and high accelerations to optimize cycle times while performing palletizing operations. The robots feature a parallel-link design to stabilize and control the load during pick and place operations. Yaskawa put the big motors in the base of the robot, to reduce the mass/moment of the links and enable faster motion. This design is unique for Yaskawa’s palletizing robots.

Based on your maximum payload requirements, you should select the appropriate palletizing robot that fits the load carrying characteristics. Lighter loads (under 190 kg) can be optimized by using the new PL190 robot instead of the PL500. Likewise for the PL320 robot.

  Unit PL190 PL320 PL500
Payload kg 190 320 500
Controller YRC1000 YRC1000 YRC1000
Axis 4 4 4
Horizontal Reach mm 3159 3159 3159
Vertical Reach mm 3024 3024 3024
Repeatability mm ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05
Weight kg 1680 1680 2390
I/O 24 24 24
Power VAC 380-480 380-480 380-480
Power Rating kVA 9.5 9.5 8

All three robots are controlled by the Yaskawa YRC1000 controller and programmed identically. The YRC1000 controller does not require a transformer for input voltages ranging from 380VAC to 480VAC. With a highly compact cabinet (598 W x 490 H x 427 D mm), the YRC1000 uses a lightweight teach pendant with intuitive programming.  Setting up the palletizing patterns is simplified by using the Yaskawa PalletSolver® software to easily define layering patterns depending on the product dimensions.


Yaskawa has a complete line of industrial and collaborative robot arms, designed and optimized for every use case in your factory or warehouse. For high performance, the industrial robot arms offer the fastest pick and place times, while being contained behind safety barriers. The Yaskawa collaborative robotic arms are a good choice when humans need to work within the robot’s work envelope. A collaborative arm can not deliver the same throughput as an industrial arm.

This announcement extends the Yaskawa product line with two additional, payload-optimized options. All of the robots in the PL product line share the same identical physical specs for reach, making it easy to swap out a PL190 with one of its high-capacity siblings if your operations change in the future.

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