Watch: Live Discussion Quest 2 Multi-User, 120Hz Mode And StrikerVR Gun


Join us live today on YouTube at 1 pm Pacific as we broadcast from our virtual studio discussing the latest VR trends and hardware-related news!

Facebook rolled out multi-user support and local app sharing for Oculus Quest 2 this week and the head of VR at the company gave a thumbs up to 120Hz mode on the headset. Meanwhile, StrikerVR announced funding for a consumer version of its haptic gun accessory — but a representative wouldn’t say yet who provided the funding. We’ll be sure to wildly speculate as to the investor on today’s show.

Also an interesting video of the Lynx-R1 headset showed how impressive passthrough AR can look with a VR-based headset. There’s some major challenges facing mostly transparent see-through optics that are in use on AR headsets like HoloLens and Magic Leap, like field of view and brightly lit environments, that may make those headsets lag VR-based devices when it comes to rich mixed reality experiences that mesh together the physical world with virtual content.

We’ll discuss all this and more starting at 1 pm Pacific time broadcasting from our virtual studio that’s built in-house at UploadVR. We use Unity, Oculus avatars and our own tweaks to Oculus Quest’s hand tracking to maximize how expressive we can be with current generation VR technology. We’re also able to monitor YouTube comments live in VR so if you have a question or something interesting to share we may read your comment during the show and incorporate it into the discussion.

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