‘Virtual Desktop’ Can Now Stream PC VR Games to Quest, Without the Sideloading Workaround


Virtual Desktop, an Oculus Quest app which allows users to control their Windows PCs from inside the headset, now officially offers the ability to stream PC VR games wirelessly to the headset. Facebook had previously not allowed the feature to be included with the app, restricting it to a complicated sideloading process.

Virtual Desktopwhich is also available for PC VR headsetsis a long-running piece of virtual desktop software which allows users to access their Windows PCs from inside their VR headset. The Quest version launched on the headset back in 2019 and was later updated with a new feature which allowed users to stream PC VR content from Oculus PC and SteamVR to Quest—much like a wireless version of Oculus Link.

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Shortly thereafter, Oculus forced the developer to remove the feature, saying it didn’t meet its quality guidelines. The developer made it possible to patch the app with the feature, but it required a complicated sideloading process which involved users posing as developers in order to get the necessary files onto their headset.

The controversial move stood for more than a year and a half—until today, when Oculus reversed course and allowed the full-featured version of Virtual Desktop, including PC VR streaming capabilities, onto the Quest store, UploadVR reports.

The move comes shortly after Oculus introduced App Lab, a long-awaited official avenue for developers to distribute apps on Quest while bypassing Oculus’ ‘curation’ process for the main Quest store.


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At the time of App Lab’s introduction, it was thought that if Oculus wouldn’t allow the Pc VR streaming feature of Virtual Desktop onto the main Quest store, it should at least allow it an App Lab version since the capability didn’t explicitly violate any of Oculus’ technical guidelines. In a surprise move, Oculus actually wound up allowing the full featured version of Virtual Desktop onto the main Quest store, rather than just App Lab.

While Quest has been seen as a largely closed platform due to Oculus’ decision to hand-curate its store for quality, between App Lab, Virtual Desktop, and a growing number of non-game applications being allowed onto the store, a marked shift is happening in the company’s content strategy for the headset.

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