Veo Robotics names Calvary Robotics first integration partner


Veo Robotics, a Waltham, Mass-based company turning traditional industrial robotic arms into collaborative machines, named Calvary Robotics as its initial certified systems integrator partner. Founded in 1994, Calvary Robotics is a leading developer of custom turnkey automation solutions, robotic platforms and material handling systems.

Veo’s flagship product, FreeMove, uses advanced computer vision and 3D sensing to turn standard industrial robots into collaborative machines that work safely with humans. Veo said the system implements dynamic speed and separation monitoring as defined by ISO 10218-2:2011 and ISO/TS 15066:2016. Veo FreeMove is scheduled to become available with North American ISO 13849 certification for PLd, Category 3 in March 2021.

The system is comprised of:

  • Wide field of view, long range 3D Time-of-Flight sensors (up to 8) with dual imagers enabling per-pixel validation
  • A high-performance industrial computer with dual motherboards checked by a safety processor, which processes sensor data and interfaces with the robot and other hazards.
  • A browser-based application which runs on a standard PC for configuration of FreeMove.

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Veo will provide training to the Calvary team on how to install FreeMove in various manufacturing settings.

“We are thrilled to partner with Calvary Robotics as our first certified systems integrator,” said Veo Robotics CEO and Co-Founder, Patrick Sobalvarro. “This partnership will help us establish strong customer relationships with manufacturing engineers and improve flexibility in manufacturing so they better incorporate safe, dynamic, and effective human-robot collaboration.”

Veo currently partners with the four major industrial robot manufacturers: ABB, FANUC, KUKA, and Yaskawa. Veo said FreeMove will initially target customers in automobile manufacturing, durable goods manufacturing, and more.

“Veo Robotics has created a first-of-its-kind safeguarding system that significantly reduces the cost and complexity of human-robot collaboration,” said Joe Gemma of Calvary Robotics. “We are excited to offer their FreeMove system as part of our solution.”

Sobalvarro was a recent guest on The Robot Report Podcast. He touched on several topics, including the challenges facing manufacturers, what Veo’s FreeMove system means for collaborative robots, going through safety certification, and the impact of COVID-19. Patrick also shares why it was important for Veo to work with investors who have a long-term view, whether re-shoring is really happening in the U.S., and robotics trends to watch. You can listen to the interview below, starting at the 2-minute mark.

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