Simple Steps to create a beta version of Conversational Chatbot


Recently a task was assigned to me creating a Chatbot functionality for one of the products which is being handled by me. Taking business and consumer insights from my past experiences in sales and marketing which helped me derive a methodology to take inputs of various stakeholders. The inferences drawn were rich with intelligence, a lot of multifaceted psychology is involved in creating a bot. The most important answer which will get answered in this creation is, how chatbots if implemented properly, can impact the business cycle and increase the revenue substantially for an organization.

The three important aspects of a conversational Chatbot is to get

1. Psychology

2. Conversation Copy

3. Technology

Implemented in sync with the product. The three aspects are categorically written in the ascending order as the most important aspect while developing the bot is to understand the psychology of the consumer. There are various methods to take the inputs from the consumer to define a set flow for the conversation.

1. Case Study: Building Appointment Booking Chatbot

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3. Testing Conversational AI

4. How intelligent and automated conversational systems are driving B2C revenue and growth.

The technology is kept in the last section, though it is as important as the conversation copy. A lot of tools are available to preview your conversation which will help you walk through the journey with the purview of a user. Its intrinsic to have a channel of activeness in the bot without proper communication and user journey mapping of the user, it is going to fall flat irrespective of the best technology used.

Some of the tools to give you a preview of your conversations are mentioned below.

  1. Botpreview —

2. Botmock —

3. Botsociety —

4. Botframe —

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