Population: One Adds Limited-Time Super Advanced War Mode Tomorrow


Another limited-time mode graces Population: One tomorrow. This time it’s the excitedly-titled Super Advanced War Mode.

As the name suggests, this mode builds on War Mode and Advanced War Mode before it. These modes turned the game into a type of team deathmatch, pitting two teams of nine players against each other, but kept the battle royale/last man standing ruleset. Super Advanced War Mode will see teams launch from opposite sides of the map, meaning there will be more distance between players before the bloodshed starts.

Population: One Super Advanced War Mode Incoming

It’s also the first limited-time mode to be introduced after the launch of Population: One’s first season, Uprising, late last month. The new season, accessed via a paid battle pass, introduces new elements like more skins for characters and maps. There’s also free updates including melee weapons which will, be extension, make this latest War Mode more varied still than the ones that came before it.

You won’t have to be a battle pass owner to take part in Super Advanced War Mode, though. The new option goes live on March 12th and will be available until the 22nd. You can sign up to be notified of its arrival right here. Will you be heading in to check the Super Advanced War Mode out? Let us know in the comments below!

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