PlayStation CEO: More News On Next-Gen PSVR Coming ‘Soon’


Today Sony surprisingly confirmed development of a next-generation PSVR headset built specifically for the PS5. There is no official name yet and details are scarce, but in an interview with Famitsu PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said more details are coming “soon.”

The interview is translated via Google translate so some of the quotes might not be entirely accurate, but the general tone and flow of information should be in tact. Specifically, he says:

“My story is about innovation at PlayStation. We believe that VR is a strategic opportunity and an innovative technology that will delight fans, and I would like to inform you that we are preparing a next-generation VR system for the PS5 as our latest initiative.

We have learned a few things by providing PS VR for PS4. One of them is a single [cord] that makes it easier to connect a difficult VR device. More details on the next-generation VR system for the PS5 will be announced soon.”

In the rest of the interview Ryan confirms that they are currently distributing development kits for the new PSVR and the game lineup will be “decided in the future” reportedly.

In the official blog post, Sony confirmed it’s a brand new headset with improved resolution, field of view, tracking, and DualSense-based controllers. That’s extremely exciting given the impressive tech inside the PS5 controllers.

Late last year Ryan said that the “future of VR” would not arrive in 2021, so it seems he was simply referring to the fact that their new headset would be a 2022 or later release. I’ll place my bets that it drops in late 2022, just in time for the holidays like the original PSVR did in 2016.

Hopefully when Ryan said “soon” he actually meant “soon” and we won’t have to wait months before new details emerge. PSVR on PS5 saw some improvements, such as better load times, but it’s far from a next-generation leap. We’re very eager to see what Sony has in store for VR next.

There is a State of Play scheduled for this coming Thursday, February 25 so perhaps we will find out more then. Fingers crossed!

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