New Pavlov Shack Gameplay Shows Quest 2 Improved Graphics


Pavlov developer davevillz posted on Twitter a quick clip of some new Pavlov gameplay running on an Oculus Quest 2, which will feature “improved graphics” once it comes to Oculus App Lab.

Here’s the footage, sorry for the weird spacing, it’s an issue with the Streamable embed:

The clip is very brief, but it does give you a good look at just how crisp and detailed the game looks on a Quest 2. For the most part the original Oculus Quest and Quest 2 feature all of the same games and experiences, but in some cases developers may choose to tap into the extra power under the hood of Facebook’s latest headset. Back when the Quest 2 first released, the best example of that was The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Now in the footage above, you can see how smooth and crisp the textures look and how fluid all of the gameplay seems. Obviously things may look a bit different in the headset, but typically things look better once you’re in VR so it likely works in Pavlov’s favor here.

While the entirety of Pavlov isn’t available on Quest, you can play the game right now in the form of Pavlov: Shack over on SideQuest. You’ll need to sideload it still right now, but that process is very simple if you follow our sideloading on Quest guide.

Or, you could just wait. Pavlov is coming to Oculus App Lab which is an alternative distribution method for Quest developers to bypass the need for sideloading while still not being listed on the main official store. Pavlov developer davevillz confirmed the game has been submitted for approval to App Lab, so hopefully it’s just a matter of days.

Let us know what you think of Pavlov running on Quest 2 in the comments down below!

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