Meditative World-building Game ‘Winds & Leaves’ Coming Exclusively to PSVR This Spring


Trebuchet, the Montreal-based studio behind Prison Boss VR (2017), announced it’s getting ready to release a new exclusive on PSVR soon, this time serving up a non-linear world-building game called Winds & Leaves.

Winds & Leaves is set in a desert planet which tasks you with taking it from barren to blooming. Trebuchet says you’ll be able to roam through various biomes and bring back life to the world “one seed at a time.”

At least from the announcement trailer, it seems to be less about garden management and more about casual discovery, as you find new seeds, biomes, and level up your gear. You plant trees, and it seems you’re given the power to speed up time, so you can see the forests and various contraptions take hold of the world.


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Trebuchet co-founder and creative director Alexandre Pernot Lopes reveals that the game’s locomotion scheme is unique. Instead of walking around conventionally, you’re placed atop stilts, which aide you in reaching high places.

“Early in development, we started thinking of ways to make this engaging in VR. We wanted to make a peaceful experience, but not a passive one,” Pernot Lopes says in a PS blogpost. “There comes our unique locomotion system, the Stilts, allowing you to feel each step you take with your PS Move controllers. You can raise or lower them to adapt your pace, or to reach fruits higher in your trees. Stilts can also retract to let you climb at the top of any tree to survey your surroundings.”

Wind & Leaves is due out on PSVR in Spring 2021. The season officially starts on March 20th, so we’re hoping to see a more precise launch date soon.

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