Maskmaker Release Date: VR Puzzle Game Coming In April


VR puzzle game Maskermaker has a release date – the follow-up to A Fisherman’s Tale arrives on April 20th.

There’s when Innerspace’s latest hits PSVR and PC VR headsets, at least.  But what about a possible Oculus Quest version? In a statement given to UploadVR, the studio added: “We love the Quest platform and may bring Maskmaker to Quest in the future, but we don’t have any plans on that right now.”

Check out the new trailer below.

Maskmaker sees players become an apprentice of a legendary (you guessed it) mask maker. Only these are no ordinary masks; each one transports you into the body of a ‘guardian’ that populates one of eight biomes. Players use these guardians to explore environments and solve puzzles. When they encounter new guardians they must replicate their masks using materials found in different levels, all assembled together back at a workshop.

Make sure to read our full preview of the game that’s gone live today. It shows a lot of promise and has some unexpected features that might appeal to fans of the Metroid and Castlevania series, while the puzzles feel deeply considered and organic to the world around you. “Maskmaker is, simply put, beautiful, owing some debt to the wholesome grain of A Fisherman’s Tale,” we said, “but spreading its influence across the globe. Each biome is diverse, from deserts to snowy villages and tropical swamps.”

Will you be checking out Maskmaker in April? Or will you be waiting to play the game on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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