Hitman 3 February Patch Brings New Content, Bug Fixes


Hitman 3’s February patch is now live, bringing new content available in both regular and VR mode for PSVR.

For those that own the Deluxe Edition of the game, two new deluxe escalations are now available — The Gauchito Antiquity and The Proloff Parable. For those who only own the base game, two other escalations were made available earlier this month — The Baskerville Barney and The Sinbad Stringent.

Escalations are basically remixes of existing Hitman maps, with new targets and specific objectives that the player has to complete multiple times, each time getting progressively more difficult and involving more complications. Finishing all the levels of an escalation contract will grant weapon and suit rewards that can be used in the entire game.

An elusive target contract is also set to begin on February 26 and will end on March 8. Elusive targets are limited time modes where you only get one chance to play through the contract and eliminate the targets. You can’t save and can’t go for a second attempt — it’s all or nothing. February’s elusive target contract is The Deceivers, which is actually a returning contract that was first made available in 2019 for a limited time. The contract takes place on Hitman 1’s Sapienza map, so you’ll need access to that map in Hitman 3 if you want to give it a shot.

A new suit, the Tactical Turtleneck, can also be unlocked by all players now by returning to the ICA Training Facility and completing The Final Test.

In terms of PSVR-specific changes, IO has made some adjustments to how certain UI elements work in VR mode. The Silent Assassin and difficulty level indicators are now available as part of the back-of-your-hand HUD, while the mission timer can be seen on Agent 47’s wrist when looking down. The leaderboards will now display a VR icon next to a score that was achieved using VR, and several other small HUD and visual clarity changes were made as well.

Several maps have also received small changes and bug fixes, along with general fixes for some of the connectivity issues that players were experience after launch.

You can read more about the new February content and bug fixes in IO’s patch notes. You can read our review of Hitman 3 for PSVR here.

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