Hellgate VR Coming To PC VR This Month, According To Steam Page


Hellgate VR is back with a new listing on Steam and a new trailer showing actual gameplay footage. We still don’t have a date, but apparently it’s hitting PC VR this month with Rift and Vive support.

Back over four years ago we heard about Hellgate VR, a prequel game that was slated to release at the beginning of 2018 presumably for PSVR and PC VR. It missed that window by over three years, but seems to be back from hell once again with a new planned release of this month only on PC VR via SteamVR as far as we can tell.

The original Hellgate: London was an ambitious online action-RPG looter shooter hybrid from some of the minds behind the Diablo series. You can play a stripped down and gutted re-release single-player only version on Steam now. The premise for the game, originally, was similar to how Destiny works now, although it was far less polished, less ambitious, and much more demonic. One of the big features in Hellgate was that it was a semi-procedural world that got shuffled a bit each time you left a region—just like in the Diablo games.

I was actually a pretty big fan of Hellgate: London, particularly the intricate loot system that really made you feel like you were growing in power. It was also nice to see a fresh take on the “beat back the demons of hell” concept.

All that being said, Hellgate VR is nothing like the original game. From what I can tell looking at the trailer, GIFs, and screenshots, is that it appears to be a glorified wave shooter with a thin veil of a story. I’m not going to hold my breath that this can bring the Hellgate series back to life and push it forward into a new generation of gaming, but I’ve been wrong before.

We’ll have to just cross our fingers that this sees the light of day because beyond the Steam page there is next to no new information about this game across the last four years.

Hellgate VR does not have a specific release date yet, but according to the Steam page it’s apparently coming to PC VR with Rift and Vive support sometime before March 2021 is over.

Let us know if you plan on checking this one out down in the comments below!

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