Gorn Adds 90Hz Support And Other Improvements For Oculus Quest


Gorn has received an update on Oculus Quest that makes several small improvements to the game’s performance and visuals.

The biggest update is the addition of 90Hz support for Oculus Quest 2 users, bumping up from the standard 72Hz offered on the original Quest and many Quest 2 titles. While the Quest 2 initially only supported a 72Hz refresh rate at launch, Oculus added support for games to bump up to 90Hz in a software update in November last year. Gorn is the latest in a string of titles that have been able to take advantage of the Quest 2’s extra hardware overhead and updated to support running at 90Hz.

There s now also visible blood on weapons, as well as improved weapon shading on both Quest 1 and 2.

Previously available for PSVR and PC VR, Gorn only just released on Quest earlier this year. Here’s what Jamie had to say about the Quest release after trying it out:

Granted, the game’s cartoonish visuals might not be pushing the boundaries of VR realism, but I was most concerned that Gorn’s mechanics might suffer in the transition to Quest. Much to my delight/horror I could still pluck limbs off of meat-headed opponents and toss them at others as weapons. Sharp blades still slice and dice with precision, resulting in uncomfortably bloody and unreasonably hilarious kills.

Yes the visuals are inevitably simplified, but the art style still holds up well inside Quest. Most importantly, of course, it just feels great to finally be playing Gorn without a wire. As great as the game is on PC and PSVR, its physicality has always been held back by that wire tugging at your head. On Quest, it feels like the game’s finally been unleashed. May god have mercy on your precious ornaments.

You can read more and watch some Quest gameplay here.

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