Destaco launches TC1 manual tool changer for cobots


Destaco expanded its end-of-arm tooling portfolio with the TC1 Series manual tool changer. Designed for collaborative robots used for pick and place, load and unload applications, the TC1 tool changer is ready to install out of the box.

Weighing only 330 grams (11.6 ounces) with a low-profile height of 25 mm (1 inch), the TC1 tool changer has minimal impact on cobot payload capacity. The TC1 has a push-button release that Destaco claimed allows a tool change in less than three seconds. The TC1 offers positional coupling repeatability of 0.025 mm (0.001 inch), and integrated safety features include a visible red indicator when the tool is not properly coupled or locked into place.

The TC1 is usable as either a tool changer or as a test-station coupler and benefits from having three robot/tool-plate mounting options. These solutions include:

  • An ISO 9409 mounting pattern that mounts to any third-party cobot tool with the same ISO pattern
  • A DirectConnect option for mounting Destaco’s Robohand family of products
  • A blank tool plate for users who wish to machine their own custom mounting patterns for both cobot or tool-side operation.

The TC1 has four integrated pass-through air ports plus optional electrical passthrough modules that connect directly to cobots from RBR50 company Universal Robots with the same connector for pass-thru electrical operation. When using multiple tool plates, an optional tool holder is available for tool-plate storage when the tools are not in use.

“Our customers expect and rely on us to provide ready-to-work solutions. We package each tool changer with its own mounting hardware and tools to bolt directly to a cobot with no additional adapter plates or mounting hardware needed,” said Gary Labadie, global product director at Destaco. “We can support almost every cobot in the market today with the easiest to use tool-changer solution at a very cost-effective price point.”

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on sister publication Collaborative Robotics Trends.

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