Crytek’s Long-awaited ‘The Climb 2’ Coming to Oculus Quest “soon”


Crytek announced at Facebook 2020 that The Climb (2016) would be getting its long-awaited sequel sometime during the holiday season 2020. Although that launch window has come and gone, now Crytek says The Climb 2 is “coming soon.”

Update (February 19th, 2021): The Climb 2 is “coming soon”, Crytek says in a recent tweet. Additionally, the studio says we’ll be getting more info in the coming days, which should also include a specific release date. The original article announcing the game follows below.

Original Article (September 16th, 2020): Dubbed The Climb 2, the first-person rock climbing game is said to let you explore “a new city setting and exhilarating new maps with breathtaking views.”

More from the game’s description:

Ascend grand peaks, navigate vast caves, climb skyscrapers, and discover hidden shortcuts as you find your path to the top. Compete with friends and conquer leaderboards in asynchronous multiplayer modes. From exploring mountain environments to scaling urban settings, feel the rush of climbing without ropes, and experience breathtaking vistas as you scale new heights.

Here’s all of the screenshots that were shared with Road to VR so far:

Image courtesy Crytek

Image courtesy Crytek

Image courtesy Crytek

Originally launched as an Oculus Rift exclusive in 2016, The Climb dazzled with detailed visuals and kept us grasping for the next ledge thanks to interesting gameplay mechanics.


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We gave it a [3/5] in our initial 2016 review, although that was admittedly before it had Touch controls and true 360 room-scale tracking.  The game has since made its way to Oculus Quest.

Neither Facebook nor Crytek have mentioned whether The Climb 2 is also headed to Rift, so for now it’s probably best to consider it a Quest platform exclusive.

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