Co-op Zombie Shooter ‘After the Fall’ Gets Summer Release Date, New Cinematic Trailer


After the Fall, a co-op zombie VR shooter from the studio behind Arizona Sunshine, is set for a Summer release date. The announcement comes alongside the release of a new cinematic trailer and screenshots.

No stranger to VR zombie games, VR publisher & developer Vertigo Games has announced its next title, After the Fall is due for a release date this Summer on PSVR, PC VR, and “yet to be announced VR platforms,” (which likely means a Quest version is in development). The game promises to bring four-player survival-shooter action to VR. A new cinematic trailer shows the post-apocalyptic vibes the company is aiming for:

Vertigo Games says After the Fall is “built from the ground up for a multi-platform VR rollout,” offering full cross-platform multiplayer including “support for a wide range of VR play styles that will offer an immersive thrillride for veteran VR gamers while remaining welcoming to VR newcomers.”

Vertigo Games today also revealed some new screenshots:

Image courtesy Vertigo Games

Image courtesy Vertigo Games

Image courtesy Vertigo Games

Image courtesy Vertigo Games

While the game is planned for a Summer launch, the game’s official site indicates that there will be a pre-release beta  and players can already sign up to indicate their interest in joining.

Prior to today’s announcement, After the Fall was delayed from what was originally supposed to be a 2020 release. Like other studios, developer Vertigo Games said the delay was largely related to challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.


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In today’s announcement the studio notes: “Armed with full VR motion controls, After the Fall will make you feel like a slightly overpowered 1980s action hero as you engage in the game’s high-paced combat with real-life movements.” The references to motion controls and real-life movements are encouraging, as a lack of immersive design was our primary concern with a preview of the game we saw way back in 2019. The studio has had nearly two years since then to refine the game and we’re looking forward to seeing how things have evolved.

We’re already seeing hints of immersive design changes in a new gameplay clip the studio released today. Above we can see that some form of reloading interactions have made their way into the game.

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