‘Beat Saber’ Has Sold 4M Copies & 40M Songs, an Estimated $180M Revenue (and Accelerating)


Beat Saber has officially reached 4 million units sold, Oculus today announced, along with 40 million songs of paid DLC, pushing the app’s estimated revenue to $180 million.

By now, Beat Saber can be considered nothing less than VR’s first killer app by scale. As far as we know, it’s the best selling VR game to date, now with 4 million units sold across all platforms (Quest, PC VR, and PSVR).

Oculus also confirmed the game has sold 40 million paid DLC songs, the equivalent of selling 40 platinum music albums on top of the game’s base music.

We estimate Beat Saber’s total revenue around $180 million, with the following assumptions:

  • 1 million copies sold at the early access price of $20
  • 3 million copies sold at the retail price of $30
  • 20 million songs bought individually at $2 each
  • 20 million songs bought bundled at $1.50 each

And the pace is only accelerating. Thanks to various sales milestones shared since the game’s release in May 2018, we can more clearly see the change in rate of sales over time by looking at the average number of units sold per day.

While VR developers with titles on Quest are seeing growing success, most are still far from Beat Saber’s scale. For perspective, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which is considered a success, recently announced $29 million in revenue. That equates to around 725,000 units sold; granted, the game has only been available for around a year, and even less time on Quest. Oculus today also shared that only five titles other than Beat Saber have exceeded $10 million in revenue on Quest alone.

Facebook clearly identified the app’s potential, as it opted to acquire Beat Games, the studio behind the title, in late 2019. Since then, the studio has released additional music packs and a major update to the game which added multiplayer functionality.

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