3D Puzzler ‘Cubism’ to Get Hand-tracking Support on Quest This Wednesday


The 3D puzzler Cubism will be updated this Wednesday, March 17th, to support controller-less hand-tracking. A prior update released in December has paved the way for user-generated puzzles and puzzle sharing.

Cubism is a minimalistic 3D puzzler which has become one of the best rated games on Quest. The game’s relaxing pace and simple interactions made it seem like a perfect fit for Quest hand-tracking right out of the gate, but developer Thomas Van Bouwel said he wanted to polish hand-tracking support further before releasing it.

This Wednesday, March 17th, Cubism will get a free update which will allow the game to be played entirely with your hands on Quest and Quest 2 (controllers will of course still work too). Although the game is also available on Oculus PC and Steam, those versions of the game won’t support hand-tracking.

Prior to the upcoming hand-tracking update, Cubism was updated in December on all platforms with a handful of improvements in the ‘Mod & Replay’ update:

This added multiple save profiles, so that up to three players can play the game with separate progression. It also added initial support for custom puzzles; although this requires file management on PC or sideloading on Quest, the developer says it lays the groundwork for both an upcoming in-game puzzle editor and easier puzzle sharing in the future.

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