#147 – Dmitri Dolgov: Waymo and the Future of Self-Driving Cars


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Here’s the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.
(00:00) – Introduction
(07:46) – Computer games
(12:52) – Childhood
(15:24) – Robotics
(16:14) – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
(18:26) – DARPA Urban Challenge
(28:46) – Waymo origin story
(44:27) – Waymo self-driving hardware
(53:00) – Connected cars
(58:53) – Waymo fully driverless service in Phoenix
(1:03:14) – Getting feedback from riders
(1:11:28) – Creating a product that people love
(1:17:18) – Do self-driving cars need to break the rules like humans do?
(1:24:03) – Waymo Trucks
(1:29:41) – Future of Waymo
(1:42:53) – Role of lidar in autonomous driving
(1:55:53) – Machine learning is essential for autonomous driving
(1:59:55) – Pedestrians
(2:06:32) – Trolley problem
(2:11:00) – Book recommendations
(2:22:26) – Meaning of life


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